From the first glimpse, you may think these holidays will be dark. “Actually, no,” says Ivo Nikkolo’s head designer Margot Vaaderpass. “These holidays will be spent in deep, misty colors and satin and velvety finish.”

Margot loves white Christmas and the snowy holiday season. But when it comes to fashion, she focuses more on the celebratory and festive side of the season. “This is the season when I would like to look more put together as I’m going to dinners, museum visits, holiday parties but also to work.”

Margot is the new black

“Yes, I do wear black a lot,” admits Margot. “It looks chic and a bit mystic. It’s a classic making it wearable on every occasion!”

She also names another seasonal dark shade – dark brown. “From more neutral colors, this is the trendiest this season, especially in the world of people that love black,” says Margot and adds that brown is a warm-toned color and reminds nice things like chocolate and coffee, which give a cozy feeling, especially around the festive season. She adds that the color takes on an even more special look in a bit shiny satin fabrics.

Pantsuits are still a thing

Pantsuits have been trendy for a long time and aren’t going anywhere. “In Ivo Nikkolo, we like the wider pant and more fitted blazer combo right now,” says Margot and encourages to wear them as a set or as separate pieces. “Wide pants are also those items that easily transform an outfit from casual to more festive,” adds Margot.

As one of the season IT items, the designer also names soft and warm knitwear that’s made out of quality yarn with a nice surface and a high roll-neck. A very versatile item would be a satin slip dress or skirt which can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

No more one-season clothing

Often people associate holiday wear with glitz and glam, colorful and sparkly looking clothes. Ivo Nikkolo has taken the approach that clothes shouldn’t only be worn once at a party. “They should also fit for a work day or a brunch with friends. That is why I mostly like to keep my wardrobe classical and simple so that I can make every item work for a special dinner or a day at work,” says Margot.

Use accessories to make the outfit stand out more. “Belts with metal buckles, a statement bag or eye-catching heels or boots are the items that help to accessories your outfits and give them more character,” suggests Margot.