At times of uncertainty, discover the beauty of the natural world and let the elements energize your senses. Ivo Nikkolo’s latest Spring-Summer collection, ‘Senses,’ takes you on a journey through sensory experiences, inspired by the elements of wind, water, earth, and fire. Cool and warm tones collide, reflecting the calmness of the earth, the fluidity of wind and water, and the passion of fire. Through water-like prints, fiery colours, and earthy textures, the collection blends the natural with the modern.

At the heart of the fresh collection, a striking sand-colored cuorduroy set catches the eye. The textured cuorduroy carries references to the seabed sculpted by waves and the ground crumbled in desert heat. The slightly oversized, relaxed cut of the timeless set contrasts the refinement of tailoring with a free-spirited style, inviting to explore the balance between structure and spontaneity inherent to nature.