Welcome to the loyal customers of Ivo Nikkolo!

  • Be the first to know about new collections and the best offers.
  • Enjoy a worry-free return period of 30 days upon presentation of your purchase receipt.
  • Take part in personal birthday offers and designer recommendations.

EASY TO JOIN IN STORE OR ON THE ONLINE Apply to join the loyalty program in the Ivo Nikkolo store or enter your e-mail address by clicking the “Create account” button on the web. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. By confirming your wish to join, you can create an account for yourself.

HOW TO REGISTER AS A RECIPIENT OF SMS AND NEWSLETTER? By joining the loyalty program, you can consent to receive newsletters and SMS from us. If you have any questions, please contact info@ivonikkolo.com.

HOW TO DISCLAIM NEWSLETTER AND SMS NOTIFICATIONS? If you want to unsubscribe from the loyalty program’s e-mail communication, click on the link at the end of the e-mail and your request will be considered. However, when you opt out of newsletters, you automatically opt out of emailing. You can unsubscribe from SMS notifications by sending a request to info@ivonikkolo.com. It is also possible to unsubscribe from newsletter and SMS notifications in our self-service environment by logging in on www.ivonikkolo.com.


The Ivo Nikkolo loyalty program is a loyalty program applied in the stores of OÜ Baltman, SIA Baltika Latvija and Baltika Lietuva, JSC.

  1. Terms and Conditions of Joining the Ivo Nikkolo Loyalty Program 1.1 Applications for joining the Ivo Nikkolo loyalty program (hereinafter also the program) can be submitted in all stores of OÜ Baltman, SIA Baltika Latvija and Baltika Lietuva, JSC, registering with an e-mail and filling in the respective application. 1.2 Each person can have one valid program account at a time, which includes purchases made in IVO NIKKOLO stores and in the E-SHOP. 1.3 The application will be rejected if the mandatory fields of the client form required to join the program are not filled in or if the person already has a valid program account. 1.4 Upon registration, the customer service representative of the store immediately enters the data provided in the application into the program information system and the customer can read the program and account conditions at www.ivonikkolo.com 1.5 By submitting the application, the applicant / user has confirmed his / her consent to the processing of his / her personal data (incl. Personal data submitted by him / her and purchases made within the loyalty program) by AS Baltika and OÜ Baltman purposes. 1.6 Only natural persons can join the loyalty program. It is not possible for legal entities to join the program.
  2. Other conditions

2.1 The Ivo Nikkolo loyalty program has the right to change by notifying regular customers at least 5 days in advance. If the account user does not wish to continue using the account in accordance with the amended terms and conditions, he / she has the right to submit a request to cancel the account by writing to info@ivonikkolo.com. 2.2 The terms of the Ivo Nikkolo Loyalty Program, as well as other information regarding the Ivo Nikkolo Loyalty Program, are available at www.ivonikkolo.com. In the event of any discrepancy between the text on paper and the text on the Internet address, the text on the Internet address shall always prevail. 2.3 To unsubscribe from an Ivo Nikkolo Loyalty Program account, the account user submits an application to info@ivonikkolo.com. Upon submission of the respective application, the client’s bonus account will be blocked after the application has been processed. 2.4 The Client is obliged to immediately notify info@ivonikkolo.com of any changes in the data enabling the use of the account by the Customer, including changes in name and contact details, etc. 2.5 All stores (except e-store) have the right to refuse to take back a product without a reason if the return frequency of the customer’s products exceeds 4 returns for 6 consecutive months. The above does not apply to defective products or products for which the law provides otherwise. 2.6 All returned products must be unused, in the original packaging and the product must have all the marks and labels that were on the product at the time of purchase.

  1. Privacy Policy

3.1. The chief processor of personal data is AS Baltika (Valukoja 10, Tallinn, registry code 10144415). The Data Protection Specialist has been appointed by Kaupo Lõhmus, e-mail dpo@baltikagroup.com. 3.2. The processing of personal data follows the legislation of Estonia and the European Union. 3.3. The controller collects the following personal data: name, gender, birthday,  telephone number, e-mail and purchase history. 3.4. Among other things, personal data is processed and collected for the following purposes: to perform purchase analyzes, to sell goods and provide services, to serve the customer loyalty program. The controller has the right to query the personal data database, analyze the data, sort and make samples. 3.5. The controller shall not disclose the data which has come to its knowledge to third parties. Baltika’s services, including information society services, are not aimed at children under 13 years of age. 3.6. By joining the loyalty program, the customer consents to the processing of his personal data. The personal data transmitted to the controller is protected and is treated as confidential information, including data stored in the e-shop ordering environment about the customer and his orders. The data communication between the customer and the banks and the card payment center is encrypted, which ensures the security of the customer’s personal data and bank details. The data processor does not have access to the customer’s confidential bank and payment card details. 3.7. The controller shall take all measures, including information technology and organizational measures, to protect the personal data collected. Only authorized persons have access to modify and process the data. 3.8. AS Baltika may authorize other legal persons to process personal data (authorized processor) provided that an agreement has been entered into with such processor, according to which the authorized processor is required to keep the processed personal data confidential and ensure personal data protection in accordance with law. Such authorized processors include cash register software providers, software development partners, logistics service providers and marketing service providers. Authorized processors also include undertakings belonging to the same consolidation group as AS Baltika and their employees who process personal data in order to perform their duties. 3.9. AS Baltika will notify the client of the up-to-date list of authorized processors of legal entities on the basis of the client’s application, which has been submitted in writing to AS Baltika’s address Valukoja 10, 11415 Tallinn or to the e-mail address info@ivonikkolo.com. 3.10. The customer has the right to receive information and examine his / her personal data at any time, request access to his / her personal data, request correction of his / her personal data, request restriction of his / her personal data, request deletion of his / her personal data, request transfer of his / her personal data, rights related to automation. You also have the right to withdraw your previously given consent to the processing of personal data. To receive and review the information, the customer submits a corresponding written request to info@ivonikkolo.com. 3.11. The controller of personal data may send newsletters to the customer, including satisfaction surveys and offers to the customer’s e-mail address or via SMS only if the customer has given prior consent at the time of joining the customer program or in a self-service environment. 3.12. The customer can cancel the offers and newsletters at any time by logging in to the self-service environment at www.ivonikkolo.com, notifying by e-mail at info@ivonikkolo.com or following the instructions in the e-mail. 3.13. The customer can access and partially change their personal data at any time by logging in to the www.ivonikkolo.com self-service environment or by sending a corresponding request to info@ivonikkolo.com. To delete the collected personal data, the customer submits a corresponding written request to info@ivonikkolo.com. 3.14. The Data Subject has the right to file a complaint with AS Baltika and the Data Protection Officer of Baltika AS, the Data Protection InspectoraFte or a court if the Data Subject finds that his or her rights have been violated during the processing of personal data. Contact information of the Data Protection Board (AKI) can be found on the AKI website at: http://www.aki.ee/et/inspektsioon/kontaktid-nouandetelefon. 3.15. The controller shall modify and / or delete the customer’s data after the customer’s identity has been established. 3.16. The term for storing the customer’s personal data is five years from the last purchase. 3.17. If the processing of personal data takes place for a new purpose than the one for which the personal data was originally collected, or is not based on the consent of the data subject, Baltika AS will carefully assess the permissibility of such new processing. In order to determine whether the processing for the new purpose is in accordance with the purpose for which the personal data were originally collected, Baltika AS takes into account, inter alia:

(1) the link between the purposes for which the personal data were collected and the purposes of the intended further processing; (2) the context of the collection of personal data, in particular the relationship between the data subject and Baltika AS; (3) the nature of the personal data; (4) the possible consequences for data subjects of the proposed further processing; (5) the existence of appropriate safeguards. Baltika AS may unilaterally change the privacy policy by notifying the Customer thereof at least 2 weeks in advance.

Baltika AS may unilaterally change the terms of the privacy policy in accordance with law. Baltika AS notifies the data subjects of the change on the website of Baltika AS or in another way. 3.18. AS Baltika and companies belonging to the same consolidation group use cookies on their websites, including Google Analytics and Hotjar, informing the customer and asking for their consent. You can read more about the cookie policy at https://www.ivonikkolo.com/cookie-policy.


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