Our life consists of many different moments. Sometimes familiar and slightly dull, on occasion extraordinary and memorable. It is living these special moments – often so simple and self-evident – that we tend to underestimate and forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Moments insignificant on the surface often become special and in the magic of their spontaneity become more meaningful.

The Ivo Nikkolo autumn/winter collection represents all the special moments that need acknowledgement in their own way. Just like a significant career breakthrough or a personal success story, these small but precious moments deserve to be celebrated – whether lively meetings with friends or quiet moments to collect thoughts and regain some energy.

The moments of autumn/winter take on an even more special meaning in the interpretation of Ivo Nikkolo. The clothing and accessories collection concludes the moments of everyday life, relaxation and celebration into a harmonious whole, allowing the wearer to always make universal but modern feminine choices. Typical of the season, the focus is on timeless and particularly practical outerwear in our climate, high-quality and comfortable knitwear, leisurewear that has become indispensable, and a wide selection of accessories in natural materials to accompany and accent the clothing line.